Appareil de massage facial à ultrason


Function: negative ion, infrared, ultrasonic, positive ion
Applicable scene: home
New dual frequency 4 effects in 1
Solve six major skin problems
Ultrasonic frequency is higher than RF radio frequency
Up to 3 times
Nanometer Ultrasonic Photon Importer uses ultra-high frequency 3MHZ ultrasonic technology,
It is 3 times the working frequency of 1MHZ of RF beauty instrument on the market
P: Photon rejuvenation mode: sonic massage + alternating red and blue
M: photon massage mode: sonic massage + hot compress + red light synchronization
S: Photon massage mode: sonic massage + hot compress + blue light synchronization

Packing accessories: host x1, manual x1, charging cable x1, cotton fixing ring x1

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