Stérilisateur à UV N°7

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Voltage: 110V-220V, 50-60Hz

Voltage: 220-240V

Type Name: UV Disinfection Box

Time Setting: 0-60mins

Size: 28*17*18cm

Power (W): <800W

Origin: Mainland China

Model Number: KEVINGAO406

Material: Stainless Steel

Function 3: Function 1: Nail Art Sterilizer

Function 2: Beauty Tools Sterilizer

Function 1: Nail Art Sterilizer

Certification: ce

Brand Name: VamsLuna

New High Quality Electric Sterilizer Sterilizer Cabinet Sundry Professional Beauty Hair Nail Tattoo Equipment Sterilizing Disinfecting UV Ultraviolet Rays Cabinet


onization generated by ultraviolet light emitted by sterilization luminous tube and oxygen in the air makes ozone, which can effectively eliminate bacillus coli, hepatitis B generate, can be used for sterilization of towel and other facial beautification tools which are not high temperature resisitan

Operating Instructions

1. Place articles to be sterilized inside, then close the door
2. Turn on the swith then setting the time you need.Sterilization will begin.
3.With the completion of sterilization, turn off power switch and take out sterilized articles for use.

Technical Parameters

Rated Voltage: 220-240V,50-60Hz; 110V,60Hz
Wavelength of UV lamp:220-275nm
Time of disinfection:10-30mins
Servicing life of UV lamps:5000h

Matter Needing Attention

1. Close the door before starting the machine, to aviod UV leakage, UV light is hazard to your health; palease do not exp yourself directly to UV light.
2. Articles to be sterilized can not be touching
3. Please use this machine strictly according to operating rules.
4. After usage, disconnect the power line, If the machine not be used for long time or needs maintenance, please make sure power is disconnected.
5.When cleaning the machine, use wet cloth or towel, with neutral detergent; Do not use acid, alkaline ore corrosive or poisonous detergents.


1. Keep away from children.
2. Keep away from water or outdoors

Package List

1*UV Sterilizer
1*Technical Manual

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