Stérilisateur à UV N°4

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function: multifunction sterilizer

effect: 99%

Two disinfection methods: UV light and Ozone Generator

Product Name: Portable Disinfectant UV Light

Power supply: 30cm Micro USB cable

Power Source: Electric

Plug: using mobile phone Plug

Origin: Mainland China

Name: Ozone Generator

Model Number: HI-NailSterilizer002

Disinfection time: 180S

Color: White/Pink

Certification: CE

Capacity: 1.8L

Brand Name: HIAISB

How to distinguish UV disinfection lamp and ozone + UV disinfection lamp?

They may be the same in appearance, and the light you see is the same, but their wavelengths are different. Ultraviolet rays are divided into three bands: UV-A, UV-B and UV-C. ozone ultraviolet lamp is V-UV. Several customers have consulted us about this kind of problem before, so we specially tell our customers some professional knowledge, hoping to help you choose the right products

Our product is V-UV disinfection lamp. Its wavelength is about 184nm and its service life is more than 15000h. When it works, it can release ozone. You won't see any difference between them and other pure ultraviolet lamps. You can only distinguish them by testing the wavelength. These are more professional knowledge

Test Report

The new lamp test number is more than 90uW is qualified, the darker the purple color, the larger the number, the middle is the test result, and the two sides are contrast. The white in the middle is not tested. Old lamps less than 70uW are unqualified. Our test is the darkest purple, which can be seen in the picture.


If you want to test, please open the lid a little bit, and then turn on the switch to try. Because ultraviolet rays are harmful to the human body, we have set a protection switch to prevent children from opening and hurting children, so when the lid is opened too far, it will automatically close

Package Lish(there isn't plug,you can use the moble phone plug)

sterilizer+USB cable(0.3m)

180S 99.9% Ozone UV Light Nail Sterlizer Double Disinfection Dry Manicure ToolBox Ozone Generator Sterilizer for Nails

This disinfection box is different from the cheap Led light. This UV lamp tube releases ozone and ultraviolet rays. It has a double disinfection and sterilization effect. The effect of killing bacteria in three minutes can reach 99.9%. Not only the lighted parts can be disinfected, but also the ozone is more important. Can be spread all over every corner and gap, so that the virus has no place to hide

Can disinfect many items

This product can disinfect many products, such as masks, underwear, toothbrushes, mobile phones, nail tools, tableware, etc., as long as the items that can be put in can be disinfected

Portable disinfectant uv light

Perfect design and perfect size make the sterilization box easy to carry

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