Recourbeur de cils


Product information:
Name: Eyelash curler
Material: galvanized steel
Color: color
Specifications: Parts
Suitable for: Ladies
Weight: 25g
1. According to the bending angle of the human body, firmly fix the eyelashes to form curled three-dimensional eyelashes.
2. Made of high-quality materials, it is not easy to rust or damage, and has a long service life
3. The high-quality silicone pad can be used multiple times without damaging the eyelashes.
4. The specially designed handle has a curved feel, easy to hold and not easy to fall.
5. Small and practical, suitable for family use or carrying, even if it is put in a bag, it will not take up any space
6. Make curly, soft and three-dimensional eyelashes.

Packing list:
Eyelash curler X1

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