Extensions de cheveux naturels avec bandes adhésives

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Unit Weight: 2.5g/pc

Origin: BR(Origin)

Brand Name: SURNEL

Tape for hair extensions care instructions

1. Do not wash the hair for three days after application. And then, wash them like your own hair. Add mild shampoo (PH> 6.5) to the warm water and turn the hair.

2. Treat the hair as if it were yours. Use a hair dryer or tweezers, even when equipped. Never use a hair dryer or tweezers that are too hot.

3. Cut straight hair in a downward motion that starts at the ends and goes all the way to the roots. Remove excess water with a towel and let the hair dye naturally, do not expose the sun.

4. Gently detangle hair before washing. Do not rub or curl your hair. Hair can become tangled if General Care instructions are not followed correctly.


Q:How long will the 100% human hair last?
A:The 100% human hair can last for a very long time,it depends on how you maintain it.If you treat it like your own hair and take good care of it,then it will last longer.

Q:Why my 100% human hair extensions are getting tangled?
A:Your human hair extensions are getting tangled due to dryness.Make sure to wash your human hair at last once a week,twice a week is better.To avoid tangling while
you sleep,wrap hair up with a stain pillow case to prevent friction.

Q:Will people be able to see if i am wearing human hair extensions?
A:The human hair is undetectable when in place and will stay in place until you removal them.Nobody will know they are there unless you tell them.

Q:Hair can be dryed、curly、and straight style?
A:Yes,you can curling or straightening the hair by iron,please don't do it too frequently.

Q:Can i return goods if i don't like?
A:Yes,you can return goods if you don't like it.Or any questions if you have,contact with us please,Only this,you can get timely best after-sales service.

Q:Why the final products color seems not 100% same as the picture in the web?
A:The pictures were taken in kind in 100%, but due to the reason of light and the display, you can see the picture may have a slight color difference problem, this is
inevitable, please understanding! If cannot accept, please buy cautiously.

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