Bonnets en silicone effet peau pour confection de perruques

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thickness: 0.15-0.2mm

pu skin cap: transaprent white

mono gauze pu cap: mono gauze inside

Origin: Mainland China

Item Type: Lace Cap

Pu skin cap

materials: all made by pu
thickness: about 0.15-0.2mm  for white pu cap and mono gauze pu cap, light yellow skin pu cap thickness is about 0.08-0.1mm and 0.15-0.2mm.
usage: for making men's toupee or cut diy for other wig edges.
This pu skin cap need to use special skin needle knot hair,and after knotted hair,have to use special glue to seal the hair root.

Mono gauze inside

Under of the pu has one layer thinner mono gauze

Transarent pu cap

This type are all made by pu, don't have any fabric inside

Light yellow skin pu cap (it is thinner and soft than the white one),thickness is about 0.1mm.

Thickness 0.15-0.2mm yellow skin pu cap

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