Postiches DIFEI en synthétiques pour petites couettes

€10,99 €19,99


Origin: Mainland China

Material Grade: High Temperature Fiber

Color Type: Frosted

Chignon Type: Curly Chignon

Can Be Permed: No

Brand Name: DIFEI

Attachment: Clip-In

Precautions for Purchase:

1. Quantity per package?
The basic quantity of each order is one piece. More demand. More quantities need to be added to the shopping cart.
2. Why is the color different from the description?
Our products are all taken by photographers. Due to different monitors, the pictures may have a certain color difference with the actual product. If you think that the received product has the wrong color, please contact us to see if you can return or refund
(After feedback, the actual color may be darker, please pay attention to this matter)
3. Hair loss?
There is slight hair loss in the wig, which is floating hair. For example, human hair also has hair loss. If you use a comb and comb it many times, the hair loss will disappear.
4.Cargo damage/wrong color
If the product is damaged or the wrong color appears after receiving the package (the color may be wrong when shipped by hand), please contact the seller and we will solve the problem for you. You can trust the seller

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