Embout type buse ou diffuseur standard pour sèche-cheveux

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Wide Diffusers nozzle: Approx 7.4cm long

Wide Connection diameter: Approx 4.4cm

Type: Hair Dryer

Size: Durable

Origin: Mainland China

Number of Pieces: One Unit

Narrow Diffusers nozzle: Approx 6.4cm

Narrow Connection diameter: Approx 4.1cm

Model Number: DF14F69

Material: plastic

Item Type: Styling Accessory

Color: Black.

Brand Name: LONGPEAN

Nozzles and attachments are great additions to your hair dryer.

Fits most hair dryers and hairstyles.

Large drying surface.

Perfect for permed or naturally wavy hair.

Maintains curls without frizz.

More efficient, faster drying.

Color: Black.

Material: Plastic.

Size:Connection diameter Approx:4.4cm(W) and 4.1cm(N)

Diffusers nozzle Approx:  N: Approx 6.4cm long  W: Approx 7.4cm long


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