Trépied pour tête à mannequin avec accessoires divers

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wig tripod stand: tripod for wig head

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wig head and tripod: wig making tripod

tripod wig stand: tripod wig stand ,tripod stand for mannequin

tripod stand for wig: tripod stand for mannequin

tripod for mannequin head: Hairdressing Tripod Stand Holder

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color: black wig stand

clamp tripod stand holder: adjustable wig stand for holder

black tripod for holder: stand adjustable wig holder

Size: 1pc tripod stand for mannequin

Origin: Mainland China

Model Number: tripod for hair

Maximum Height: Approx. 55inch

Material: aluminium alloy and stainless steel

Item Type: Wig Stand

Brand Name: AliLeader

Adjustable Wig Stands Feature: Portable Adjustable Wig Stand

Suitable for cosmetology students or anyone to practice cutting, braiding, setting.
The best convenient way for practicing hair cutting.1  Rotatable head, adjustable height to meet your various needs.
2  Secure training head mannequin in place.
3 Come with carry bag, easy to carry.
4  New and high quality, beautiful and convenient, best for student, hairdresser, salon, home user etc.
5  Very lightweight and durable, a tripod stabiliser is provided to increase the stability of the tripod.
6  Ideally for using with Hair Tools training heads.

7  It includes a phone holder for live streaming and easy replacement

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