Colle transparente pour application facile des brins à faux-cils (avec

    Colle transparente pour application facile des brins à faux-cils (avec latex)

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    SPECIFICATIONSViscosity Of Eyelash Extension Glue: StrongTo Be Used For: Classic And Volume Eyelash ExtensionSize Of Eyelash Extension Glue: 5ml or 10mlSize: 5mlShelflife Of Eyelash Extension Glue: 3 Months After OpenSetting...

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    Viscosity Of Eyelash Extension Glue: Strong

    To Be Used For: Classic And Volume Eyelash Extension

    Size Of Eyelash Extension Glue: 5ml or 10ml

    Size: 5ml

    Shelflife Of Eyelash Extension Glue: 3 Months After Open

    Setting Time Of Eyelash Extension Glue: 3-4s

    Origin: Mainland China

    Number of Pieces: One Unit

    Name: Eyelash Extension Glue

    Model Number: B-01-3

    Material: Ethyl cyanoacrylate

    Long Lasting: YES

    Item Type: Eyelash Glue

    Fume Of Eyelash Extension Glue: Low

    Felixble Of Eyelash Extension Glue: Yes

    Fast Drying: YES

    Durability Of Eyelash Extension Glue: 5-7 Weeks

    Color Of Eyelash Extension Glue: Thin Black Color

    Brand Name: Gollee


    This eyelash extension glue is for professional lash artists only! If you are not a professional lash artist who uses this glue to apply to clients eyelashes, please DO NOT purchase. This Glue should NEVER EVER be used for self application.

    5-6 Weeks Long Lasting Fast Dry Latex Free Eyelash Extension Glue Private Label

    Our B-01 eyelash extension glue is 3-4 seconds fast drying and easy to work with. This eyelash extension glue is low odor, low stimulus and long lasting. All Gollee eyelash extension waterproof glues and lash removers are medical grade and carefully tested to ensure the highest quality and safety standards available for eyelash extension application and removal. Offering superior bonding performance, our eyelash extension glues are prepared to take on any occasion or activity. Choose the best eyelash extension here.

    The Product Described

    ✅ FAST DRY TIME: 3-4 seconds.Extremely short drying times, save huge time for you and provide more efficient service to your customers. This premium individual eyelash glue is best used for Volume lashes but can also be used for Classic lashes.
    ✅ STRONGEST BONDING STRENGTH: This advanced formula of eyelash extension glue has an extra-long life span and insane retention power. Eyelash extensions will last from 5-6 weeks, making this glue the strongest bonding and longest retention on the market today. This lash extension glue is the best choice for advanced lash extension stylists alike.
    ✅ QUALITY ASSURANCE: Our glue is FORMALDEHYDE-FREE and LATEX-FREE. We protect you and your clients by providing products of only the highest premium quality.
    ✅ The mission of Gollee the brand is to provide superior quality lash extension supplies and premium grade materials. Buy eyelash extension supplies, lashes extension supplies with confidence!


    FAST DRY TIME: 1-3 seconds.Extremely short drying times, save huge time for you and provide more efficient service to your customers. This premium individual eyelash glue is best used for Volume lashes but can also be used for Classic lashes.


    Can be used to extend lashes of many materials.Different length, different curl, 3D,4D,5D, etc., different types of lashes


    Our Lash Primer is used on client lashes before applying lash extensions. It provides an optimal pH level for better lash extensions bonding and will help with retention issues.


    Gollee Eyelash Extension Primer is designed for cleaning the natural lashes and removing any extra proteins, residual cosmetics or oils. It gently dries the lashes, which allows the extensions to adhere longer to the natural lashes.


    We packed the glue in the safe sealed package where air and moisture can't get in to the bottle and it helps to extends the life of the primer.


    Gollee committed to ensuring the quality of products,recognized by customers from all over the world.
    Gollee Eyelash Extension Glue Natural & Seamless,Glue drops are not drawn.,Will not turn white or hard.But low quality glue Will turn white and hard,Sticky and silky & Not firm


    Stable and tearless formula creates the perfect seamless bonding, performing thin and flexible consistency.


    1.Shake It Before Using. Shake well before each use for 30-40 seconds.

    2.Using tweezers to hold the false lash and slightly dip its edge into the glue. Before applying glue, please clean the eyelashes.

    3.Keep eyes closed during applying eyelash extensions. Please check if the cap is tightly closed after use, and wipe off the lid and nozzle.

    4.The interval between each eyelash grafting is more than 5 seconds. Get natural beautiful looking eyes without make up.


    1.Optimal Temperature for the glue is 20C - 24C

    2.with humidity of 50% - 70%

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