Masques de refroidissement pour visage complet avec billes en gel

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Skin Type: Normal

Package Included: 1xmask

Origin: Mainland China

Number of Pieces: One Unit

Maquillaje: Maquiagem/Maquillage/Pomade

Brand Name: sevich

Applicable Crowd: General


Polymer gel filling, good temperature storage effect

Strong fluidity, soft skin

90kg pressure test, strong sealing and leak-proof

Full size fits various face shapes

The pigment does not touch the skin

Latex-free, BPA-free, phthalate-free

High-performance environmentally friendly PVC super soft plush fabric

Safe and non-fading, soft and comfortable

Relieve fatigue of life with both cold and hot

Enjoy 10 minutes of facial spa every day to improve sleep quality


product information

Name: Cold and hot compress ice bead full face mask

Ingredients: moisture, glycerin, sodium polyacrylate, elastic band, super soft fabric

Weight: 250 grams soil 3 grams

Size: 20*18cm

Color: any color/customized color

Function: Relieve fatigue, beauty and personal care


1. Hot compress method: put the eye mask in a microwave oven (medium-low heat) and heat for 10 seconds. If it is not hot, the heating time can be prolonged

But it cannot be set for 12 minutes at a time. Because the power of the microwave oven is different, the heating time can be adjusted appropriately, but the heating time should not be too long to avoid damage to the product.

Cold compress method 1

Put the product in the refrigerator freezer for 30-60 minutes

Take out the product and rub it with your hands until it reaches a comfortable temperature:

Put it into the bag and use it, the super soft series can be applied directly

Cold compress method 2

Put the product in the refrigerator freezer for 15-30 minutes

Take the product out, rub it with your hands, put it into a bag and use it after reaching a comfortable temperature. Super soft series can be applied directly

Package Included:



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